Your First Visit

What can you expect when you visit us? What facilities are there? Who should you talk to? Read on to find the answers to all these questions and more. What you do when you visit is ultimately up to you! We don’t force anyone to do anything and a number of our members are content with just talking amongst themselves.

People to know

These guys know ASPIE in and out, can show you the range of things on offer and make introductions to the rest of our members.


JuliaJulia is the mother of Sarah (who founded ASPIE) and without whom we could not function. She works tirelessly to attract funding to allow us to open every week and liaises with all sorts of other people and organisations to put ASPIE firmly on the map and attract new members.


Lizzie 003The company Secretary at ASPIE, she’s the creative one that comes up with the ASPIE merchandise! It is thanks to her that we have the ASPIE calendars (check out the one in the coke room) and she even has an ASPIE bag. In addition to her creative talents she is also pretty handy in the DIY department and we have her to thank for the majority of the pictures and wall hangings that go up, the on-going cellar renovation AND maintaining the front garden!


BillBill’s our resident Aussie psychologist. His primary occupation is chasing round after his young son Charlie, followed by supporting people that battle with addiction at another organisation in Worcester and then we take up all his time after that! As well as the psychology services he offers on a Wednesday, he’s pretty good on the guitar and makes a fine quiz master too.


SharonSharon, our counsellor, involved from the beginning and plays a vital role in helping members address their issues promptly to reduce anxiety and benefit from aspie friendly coping mechanisms.


JustinJustin’s been a member of ASPIE from its inception. Well liked and respected for his thoughtful interaction with members, he also plays a vital role in representing ASPIE at various conferences in the UK as well as flying the flag for Aspies at the Autism Strategy meetings and Asperger sub-group meeting at County Hall.


ASPIE spans 3 floors across 2 buildings, with plenty of rooms to suit all:

Ground Floor


This is where most people head to first, you can find out what is going on that day from here, ask who is around and where, have a cuppa and catch up with everyone else who congregates there or debate current affairs. Later in the evening you may even get a chance to have to join Bill for a bit of a sing song on the guitar.

The Den

This quiet room makes a great escape for anyone feeling ‘peopled out’ and needing to retreat for a while. We purposely don’t use this room for any workshops or activities so that it is always available as a bolt hole. To make this room as friendly and relaxing as possible we ask that members are respectful of each other by keeping the conversation volume to a minimum, not taking food in or playing the stereo too loud.

Sharon’s Room

Another handy little quiet space, this room is used by counsellors on other days but is available for anyone needing some space or perhaps wanting more privacy for conversation for example; one-to-one sessions with Sharon or Bill.

Coke Room

A popular room for discussion, debates and generally hanging out. We have a noticeboard and desk in this room that accommodates various interesting articles and information on useful services. As the name suggests this is also where you will you find the drinks vending machine!


Pretty self-explanatory really! Here you will find the tea and coffee facilities along with a microwave and general and recycling bins. The back door leads out to the car park (which is where you can smoke).

First Floor

Computer Room 1

Guess what lives here? This our little cyber-cafe. All the machines are connected to the internet so you can update your status or tweet about how much you love us – or play solitaire; it’s entirely up to you!

Desktop Computer Room

4 refurbished PCs occupy this room outfitted with the hardware for the more demanding tasks of playing the several titles we have on Steam in addition to and other day to day tasks for which you may need a more powerful PC.

Small Games Room

Here you find the Wii (ask in reception for help if you are unsure how to set it up as we use a projector rather than a TV screen) and selection of board and card games such as Risk, Spyfall and Shadow Hunters.

Big Games Room

This room has Pool, Snooker and table football. It opens at 5pm Wednesday, and is open Saturday afternoons.

The Garrett

This cosy little room houses an array of entertainment. You will find our books and DVDs here which you are welcome to borrow, the keyboard and possibly a guitar if it hasn’t been left in reception and some stationery bits and pieces in case you feel like being creative!