Website updates

Hi there!

I’ve been hearing a few reports recently that the website font is difficult to read and some of our visitors have been having a few issues with the contact form. I’ve been looking into fixing these and I’ve hopefully got them both fixed now.

In terms of the website font, we were previously using a Japanese one that seemed to look nice at first, but it turns out to have not worked as well as we’d hoped. To help resolve these issues, I’ve gone ahead and changed to a new font that’s hopefully easier to read. I might experiment with a few other fonts later, but I hope this helps for now. If there are any other problems, please do let us know!

As for the contact form, it generally seems to work reliably for the most part, but sometimes messages do get caught by the spam filter or fail to go through at all. I’m always alerted when this happens and I can retrieve these messages as well. So if a message fails to send, please don’t worry! I’m almost always able to recover your message and get it sent through later once I check the site. I’m also going to try out a few tweaks in case I’m able to improve reliability.

I hope these changes help, but as always please feel free to let us know if you have any feedback.