The site went down, let me fix that for you

Hi everyone it’s Matthew again.

Just a quick update for you all about the ASPIE Website and some other news I have to share.

Site Outage

Firstly, if you tried to visit the website this morning and got a scary warning page, you might have been wondering what happened.

Please accept my apologies for this one, I recently made some changes to the site which makes it use HTTPS rather than HTTP. While this is great for helping with the upcoming GDPR and for security, it does have a downside or two.

I moved the ASPIE Website over to HTTPS a few weeks ago, and the Wits End Wizardry Website a few months back. Things have been working nicely so far and I just need to make a few more tweaks so that everything is fully moved over.

That was until last night, when the “SSL Certificate” for both sites expired. This caused the sites to go down and be replaced by the warning page.

Please rest assured that both sites are perfectly fine, and I have been able to Renew the Certificates on both sites – credit to our web host for the speedy fix!

I also need to let you all know that with GDPR coming into effect next week, I will need to make a few more tweaks to the site. Details will be posted soon.


I know the PC’s that we have at ASPIE have been getting slower recently, but I have some news to share on this. I’ve recently taken delivery of some new PC’s that were kindly donated to ASPIE and I’m currently getting things set up. I have a few plans for these PC’s and one of those plans is to allow ASPIE Members to use them. They’re not quite ready to use just yet, so please bear with me!