Some more Site Updates

Hi everyone,

It’s Matthew here once again – I’m the Webmaster/Site Admin for ASPIE and one of the team at Wits End Wizardry. I have some more updates on the ASPIE Website, and I’d like to share them.

What are the latest requests?

I recently heard that some of you have been having a bit of trouble finding all of the Blog Posts. I’m also told that some people would like to see an Events Calendar to help them keep track of our upcoming events. I’ve also been hearing that some people aren’t always sure if their messages on our Get In Touch page were reaching us. Finally I’ve had a request from Julia to add other information to the bottom of the same page.

As the ASPIE Webmaster and Site Admin, what are my thoughts?

After hearing the recent feedback, I am more than happy to take a look at the feedback. I’ve been looking at ways to do this. I’m pleased to let you all know that I’ve made most of the changes everyone has requested – the few that I haven’t quite done yet will be coming very soon!

What have I done to make these changes?

Firstly, I have added a new Page to the ASPIE Website, which is at ASPIE Blogs. Because the ASPIE Website is built in WordPress, this was really easy to do! I simply created a new Page on the site and put in a Menu Link. But here is the really clever bit!

All I had to do next was set the ASPIE Blogs page to be our “Posts Page” in Settings > Reading and voila! Instant post page in just a few clicks :D Now you can see every Blog Post on the ASPIE Website.

I’ve also added made a minor change to the Contact Form – from now on you will always get a reply from the ASPIE Website when we receive your email.

And finally, I’m looking for the best way to set up a Calendar. This might take a bit of time but I hope to set one up soon!

Thanks for the feedback everyone, please let us know if you have any ideas!