Parents meeting this Saturday 21 July 2018 at 3pm, 26 Sansome Walk

We’ve called it Friends of ASPIE but it’s for parents, spouses, partners and family members and

If your aspie son/daughter/husband/wife/partner

  • Was bullied at school, college, university and in the workplace
  • Is isolated/misunderstood/vulnerable
  • Has trouble making friends
  • Doesn’t conform to “normal” behaviour
  • Has problems making sense of the world
  • Appears cold, aloof and unaffectionate
  • Dropped out of college or university because they couldn’t cope
  • Has problems getting or keeping a job
  • Has unusual sleep patterns, staying up all night and sleeping all day
  • Has difficulties with some foods, colours, textures
  • Turned to drugs/alcohol as coping mechanisms
  • Experiences frustration leading to meltdowns
  • Has self-harmed

If any of the above strike a chord, come and meet others and share experiences. It may help to give an insight as to why aspies are as they are and improve family harmony.