GDPR Update – Cookies

Good evening, I don’t make these posts very often, but I try to make them useful when I do. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

I’ve recently made some changes to the ASPIE website which affects our use of Cookies, in turn affecting GDPR. As of today, ASPIE is no longer using the Google Analytics services to obtain statistics about our visitors. All previously collected data has been permanently deleted and is unrecoverable. In addition, this change means we are no longer serving Cookies related to Google Analytics on the ASPIE site, and remaining Cookies will expire from your browsers after an appropriate period of time. They will be deleted automatically afterwards. I will update the Privacy Policy in due course, subject to agreement with the Trustees.

In the meantime, any unexpired Google Analytics cookies for the ASPIE website will no longer be processed by our server. You can also delete them if you wish. Please check the help guides for your browser if you are unsure how to do this. The privacy of all our visitors is something I care about a lot, and the removal of Google Analytics means that the ASPIE website has made it so the site is now more privacy friendly than before. It is also a bit faster too, which is also a bonus. This is a change I’m making across all the sites run by Wits End Wizardry as well, because I believe there’s always room to improve.

Once again, I’d like to say thank you for supporting ASPIE. We hope to see you again soon! Stay safe in the meantime.