Would you like to become a friend of ASPIE?

It is usually a parent who makes contact with us  often telling us that they too feel isolated  and sometimes at their wits’ end because they’ve never met another parent, wife, partner of an aspie. Friends of ASPIE has been a monthly get-together where they can share experiences and converse over coffee with others who have the same difficulties and understand the rollercoaster ride of living with Asperger’s.  Bill, our psychologist, is usually with us to provide a deeper insight into Asperger’s. Our in-house knowledge of this ‘hidden’ disability and Bill’s expertise and experience lead to an accelerated improvement in the mental health of our members and now to parents giving them a more positive outlook to help them carry on coping.

We have been meeting in the evening on the first Tuesday of the month.  Adverse weather and travelling conditions have resulted in a rethink  and a change to Saturday afternoons, the April meeting scheduled for Saturday 21 July 2018 at 3pm (at ASPIE, 26 Sansome Walk, Worcester WR1 1LX). Promoting family harmony is important but whether as a small independent charity we can sustain this service to parents and family members depends on the numbers attending and their financial support.