ASPIE aims to reduce isolation, self-harm and suicidal tendencies for adults with Asperger’s. Everyone at ASPIE either has Asperger’s or is connected to someone with Asperger’s. We all live with the condition 24 hours a day and with our accumulated  knowledge and expertise have become the Go-To place with approx 300 hits a week on our website.  These result in emails and ‘phone calls from potential members, distressed parents, health professionals and teachers from all over the UK.  A ‘phone conversation or visit from the distraught parent of an aspie can take more than an hour, allowing them to express their  personal heartache and worries, usually for the first time to someone who actually listens, understands and gives them reassurance and hope towards building better family relationships.

If you have concerns about your Asperger family member, perhaps at your wits-end and in need of support and advice, we  can offer a limited number of one-to-one appointments for a donation of say £50  to support ASPIE, a small independent charity unique in its conception and design in improving the quality of life of Asperger adults.