If you’ve seen Matthew’s post you will know ASPIE’s 6th birthday celebration at Barbourne Ex-Servicemens Clubs went well. a BIG thank you to Pablo for mc-ing and performing and to other local entertainers also to local stores and businesses who contributed an impressive array of prizes and to everyone attended.  Funds raised help to keep our centre running.

The football season has started and ASPIE AVENGERS FC now play in the Sandwell Inclusion league as well as the Three Counties Ability Counts league.  This is thanks to the energy  of Captain George Simpson and the enthusiasm of our team.  Worcestershire FA and McDonalds have chosen they aim to receive their Community Project of the year award and Andy Bird, our Vice Captain and I will attend the awards ceremony at Worcester County Cricket Club later this month.

Did everyone see Chris Packham on the telly?  Very thoughtful and insightful.  What resonated for me was, like Sarah, he keeps his blinds and curtains closed, privacy being so important to many aspies. Also havinghis clothes lined up.  In Sarah’s case it was jeans, black ones and blues ones, had to be Wranglers, Weird Fish T shirts, black socks in winter, white in summer with a selection of leather and suede coats to suit each season.  Aspies, unlike NTs don’t seem to have any truck with ‘what shall I wear today’.  One of our new members will see if he can get Chris to visit.

Talking about TV, the new drama “The Good Doctor” promotes (as we do) the intelligence and remarkable qualities of aspies and the A Word is coming up soon on BBC.


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