ASPIE Avengers
ASPIE Avengers

ASPIE Avengers FC

Younger members of ASPIE formed our football team, ASPIE AVENGERS, in May 2015. Being able to participate in football with each other helps banish the crippling anxiety and dark intrusive thoughts which can prevent young adults with Asperger’s joining clubs which cater mainly for neurotypicals.

All members of the team are excellent ambassadors for ASPIE, an organisation which celebrates and promotes the talents of adults with Asperger’s in a unique social environment in Worcester city centre.

  • The team’s enthusiasm and motivation has resulted in support from Worcestershire FA in ensuring we do things right and funding the strip.
  • Disability Sport has provided weekly coaching from the beginning.
  • In normal times the team trains 50 weeks of the year at KGV Worcester.
  • They play in the Three Counties Ability Counts League and the Sandwell Inclusion League
  • Publicity in the Worcester News and other local newspapers has raised ASPIE’s profile and attracted new young aspie players who now have the opportunity, usually for the first time to play with others who understand them.
  • ASPIE AVENGERS were shortlisted in 2016 for the NLDA and Autism ‘Sporting Chance’ award for being excellent ambassadors of ASPIE and an exemplary asset to football.
  • November 2016 – shortlisted for the Fortis Group Community Project Award
  • Winners of WFA and McDonalds Community Project of the Year Award 2017
  • Competed in the Diamond Tournament at St George’s Park on 23 September 2017
  • Winners of the Sandwell Inclusion League 2018
  • Winners of the Three Counties Ability Counts League 2018
  • Finalists in the FA People’s Cup at St George’s Park Sunday 29 April 2018
  • Finalists in the FA People’s Cup at St George’s Park Sunday 28 April 2019
  • Winners of the FA & McDonalds Grassroots Football Club Award 2019
  • Four members of the team successfully completed the Level 1 coaching qualification, further enhancing their interpersonal and leadership skills, additionally helping to ensure the team’s sustainability.
  • Confidence has grown in contacting and playing with other teams, visiting top notch sports centres in Worcester, Telford, Hereford etc and St George’s Park, Burton on Trent, the home of the FA.
  • Everyone at ASPIE is so proud because they embody exactly what ASPIE is about, friendship and belonging. As well as being happier and healthier, lots of transferable skills have been learned resulting in improved family and other relationships, a more optimistic outlook and an all round improved quality of life.