ASPIE alive and kicking but differently for the time being

ASPIE opened every every week since we started in 2011, quite a feat but essential in providing the routine and predictability which helps reduce anxiety and frees Asperger adults up to cope in a world which still has little understanding of people who are different. The security of meeting weekly has been ripped away from members but coping with the roller coaster of living with Asperger’s hasn’t disappeared because Covid-19 is on the scene!

Everyone at ASPIE either has Asperger’s or a connection to someone with Asperger’s, meaning we all live with the condition round the clock.

Julia, Jane, Liz, Richard, Sae, Sam

So, this a reminder that we are here every day. We can see, hear and communicate with each other via Online ASPIE for friendship, light-hearted conversation, films, music, quizzes, discussions etc to keep alive the sense of belonging which is so important to all of us.

Please keep in touch with us and each other and reach out to other members who have not yet joined our online community and remind them that we are fortunate in that we have Richard, Jane Sae and Sam, all known and liked by you, so if feeling down, in need some help or advice, wish to continue your one-to-one sessions or for reassurance, let them know.

Richard on 07814460586, Sae on 07456394012, Jane on 07540803640, Sam on 07837 658 929