Asperger Advisory Service (formerly Friends of ASPIE) next meeting 22/9/18

The next meeting is on Saturday 22 September at 3pm at ASPIE, 26 Sansome Walk, Worcester, WR11LX.

We are aware that, despite the Autism Act 2009 which recognises the needs of adults on the autistic spectrum and their families,  implementation of the act by local authorities and health bodies in providing adequate and appropriate services is slow with little understanding of the complexities of Asperger’s, the co-morbid conditions that accompany it, plus the sensory issues which make life extremely difficult for people with Asperger’s  to cope in what is to them an alien world.

Having listened to parents and family members we now offer you the opportunity to raise your specific concerns with Bill, our Australian psychologist, who has for many years worked directly with people with Asperger’s.  Depending on the numbers attending we will endeavour to answer all questions at these sessions.

ASPIE does not receive any statutory funding. Please make a donation commensurate in value with the help you received to enable us to continue making a difference to the quality of life of others.

For those in crisis or seeking a One-off consultation with Bill  this can sometimes be arranged with a £50 donation to ASPIE.