Whoops, I broke the Gallery

Hi everyone,

It’s Matthew again, I’m a Wits End Wizardry Team Member and Admin for the ASPIE website. I wanted to let you know about the broken Photo Gallery, and why you couldn’t find it.

Last year I added a new Photo Gallery to the ASPIE Website, and I also added some links to the site so people could see the photos we post to the site. But in doing so I made one slight mistake which I didn’t notice for over a year! I only just realised my mistake when some of our Members and their families told Julia the Photo Gallery wasn’t working… Oops

I’ve just had another look and figured out my mistake. What I had accidentally done at the time was set the new links to point to a Category called “Gallery” rather than a Page called “Photos”. I use Categories to make it easy to keep our Posts tidy, but when I originally put up the links, I was still learning how to use WordPress, so forgot that I was supposed to link to a Page and not a Category.

What have I done now?

There is good news however, in that it’s not too hard to fix! Because the ASPIE website was built in WordPress (which is one of two “Content Management Systems” we use at WEW), it only takes a few clicks, 20 seconds – and hoping I didn’t break anything else! – to fix the bug.

As a result, I’m pleased to let you all know that the Photo Gallery now works properly – and I would like to apologise for my mistake!

You should be able to see the Gallery now, but it can sometimes take a few days for everything to catch up.