Cyber Security and a Chance for ASPIE Members

Cyber Security is upcoming area that is badly in need of fresh talent. This is where ASPIE Members can step in.

I’m Matthew, one of the Wits End Wizardry team, and I’m the Admin for the ASPIE Website. We have been working Dr Emma Philpott, and are making progress on a new chance.

We recently held a Talk at The Guidhall and hope to launch the project later this year. Once launched, we hope to extend our reach to other Aspies who may have taken a wrong turn in the past.

Cyber Security and Aspies

Businesses are starting to realise they need to protect themselves, yet there is a shortage of new talent in Cyber Security. Aspies have a unique set of highly valued skills, and can be ideal for the challenge.

Aspies often a struggle to find work because many employers do not adapt their processes to meet the needs. As a result, many Aspies cannot get into employment and are stuck in a never ending loop.

Emma is the Founder of the UK Cyber Security Forum, and she is working with us to provide a chance to gain employment. Cyber Security is an area that is normally very difficult to get into, but the Project aims to change that.

We are still in the early stages, and I will post an update soon. For more details please do get in touch with us. Members looking for a Career in IT are very welcome to join us. You may also be able to join the team at Wits End Wizardry as well, all ASPIE Members are welcome to talk to us.

I will be one of the first to take part, and I hope to see others join us.

We will post more updates soon, so please check back often!